Since I was a kid, I always admired good pictures and cameras. I was always the first to hold the camera and snap a picture whenever there was a chance to.

It wasn't till I came to the United States and worked at a small photo lab in 2000 that I actually became very interested in photography. My first camera was a Kodak with APS film which was the new big thing then. Since I could get a discount on film and free processing of my pictures, well let's just say I took lots of photos with that camera. I walked around town on my days off and took pictures whenever I saw a great views which got me to fall in love with landscape photography.

Being a bodyboarder also helped my photography as I got to travel to different places and eventually got me into surf and sports photography. Photography became a serious hobby in 2005 and since then, I have taken thousands of Sports and surfing photographs.

In 2009, I branched out of my comfort zone to explore the worlds of lifestyle, portraits and commercial photography, and has been a great learning experience which has lead me to the professional level I am in today.